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Sep 19, 2017 . Nixtamal is the treated that is used to make masa and hominy. First, the is cooked and soaked in lime, rinsed and then the hulls may or may not be removed. This task may seem daunting and the ingredients may seem unusual, but they are easily found and you will have fresher tasting Posole,.

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The prepared grain is called nixtamal. Nixtamal has many uses, contemporary and historic. Whole nixtamal may be used fresh or dried for later use. Whole nixtamal is used in the preparation of pozole, menudo, and other foods. Ground fresh nixtamal is made into dough and used to make tortillas, tamales, and arepas.

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Feb 21, 2015 . When these foods are eaten together (especially when the is nixtamalized), they provide a complete protein. Now comes the sad part of . You can still buy metates today, but the preferred method of grinding masa is with a molino or mill that uses a large volcanic stone. Some people prefer to use hand.

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While this is less labor intensive than the metate the mill requires significant effort. Use the mill fitted with a stone plate. The stone plate, rather than a metal plate will produce the smoothest textured dough. Place the in the hopper and grind it through using the finest setting. The resulting mixture should be.

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First things first: the reason you might want to make your own nixtamal is so that you can go through the process of making your own tamales from scratch, which means making your own masa from the base . Even though we had a Corona grain mill at home, I don't think I ever saw it being used to grind up some maiz.